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BATTERY9V-3   3 Pack of Energizer Industrial 9 volt Batteries
ADAPTER   AC Adapter: fits model 2407
ADHESIVE-Pads   Adhesive Pads K070612
Wipes   Alcohol Wipes for Skin Prep (100 count box)
Strap-small   Annular Electrode 18"
Strap-medium   Annular Electrode 24"
Strap-large   Annular Electrode 32"
Strap-extra-large   Annular Electrode 50"
CONGLOVES   Conductive Garment Gloves (one pair)
CONSOCKS   Conductive Garment Socks (one pair)
STRAPS-Elbow-Kit   Elbow and Ankle Straps - Annular Electrodes (18", One Pair)
SIGNASPRAY-1G   Electrolyte Conductivity Enhancer - 1 Gallon
SIGNASPRAY-34   Electrolyte Conductivity Enhancer - 4 x 8.5 oz bottles
SIGNASPRAY-8   Electrolyte Conductivity Enhancer - 8.5 oz bottle
BATTERY9V-1   Energizer Industrial 9 volt Battery
liners   Footbath Liners (27pc)
STRAPS-knee-Kit   Knee Straps - Annular Electrodes (24", One Pair)
Non-Adhesive-Pads   Non-Adhesive Pads K070807
LEAD-OVAL   Oval/Rectangle lead wire for ReBuilder 2407, 2406, and 300
ReBuilder-2407-Deluxe-Kit   ReBuilder 2407 Deluxe Kit - E0730
ReBuilder-2407-Kit   ReBuilder 2407 Electronic Stimulator System - E0730
ReBuilder-300-Kit   ReBuilder 300 Electronic Stimulator System - E0720
ReBuilder-Mitts   ReBuilder Electrode Mitts for Demonstration
Finger-Bowls   ReBuilder Finger Bowls
Foot-Pads   ReBuilder Foot Pads
CARRYCASE   ReBuilder Protective Carry Case
ReStore-Capsules   ReStore Capsules - 30 day supply
ReStore-sample   ReStore Capsules - free sample pack
LEAD-ROUND   Round lead set for ReBuilder 3000 and 600
SNAPS   Snaps for Conductive Socks or Gloves (pair)
test   test
FOOTBATH-Kit   Twin Footbaths Standard Kit

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