Knee Straps - Annular Electrodes (24", One Pair)

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Knee Strap Kit includes:

  • 2 Knee Straps (24" circumference)
  • ReBuilder Electrolyte Conductivity Enhancer

Annular Electrode 32"
Larger size available for replacement

Large size strap for knee, thigh, waist, up to a 32-inch circumference.

ReBuilder Medical stays at the forefront of treatment by constantly improving existing products,
and creating new products where there is an unfulfilled need.

Some of our leading physicians came to us wanting to know how they might possibly get better treatment for joint pain, primarily the knees. They were already seeing improvements with regular ReBuilder® foot and leg treatments when used as an adjunct to regular manual therapies. They thought there was room for improvement. As it turns out, they were right…

ReBuilder Medical’s research and development (R&D) team consulted with our CEO and inventor of the ReBuilder®, Dr. David B. Phillips. After 3 months of theory, mathematical concept algorithms, graphics simulations, and practical treatment models, they developed a working model; something we could actually put into testing and development. After a few more weeks of testing in the real world, and a couple of design improvements, we are proud and excited to release a new joint pain system to be used with the ReBuilder® that will change the way you look at treating knee (or any joint) pain.

Introducing the first-of-its-kind, patent pending annular electrode system which makes use of atomic spin principles for rotating axial plane delivery of the ReBuilder® signal, directly focused into the joint. These new adjustable electrodes are manufactured with a hydrophilic lining, imbued with elemental silver, and a custom silver-woven outer layer. When used with conductivity enhancer, this osmotic elemental silver lining ensures that the electrodes remain moist throughout the treatment cycle (up to 30 minutes) and slowly replaces the silver strand infusion that may erode over time by washing. The inclusion of silver in this new accessory improves the conductivity substantially.


Our Joint Straps are made to compliment the ReBuilder® so the specific 7.83Hz waveform is not compromised.

Using the ReBuilder® Knee Straps

(2:41 long)

Game Changing “Atomic Spin” Technology

To apply the device, one strap electrode is positioned 2-3” above the patella and the other electrode 2-3” below the patella. When positioned properly, the embroidered “ReBuilder®” name will appear right side up on one, and upside down on the other.

This is a game-changing new way to introduce atomic spin to the healing process. The essence of this new technology is that the first 3-6 inches of the signal quickly moves down the strap without any resistance from contact with the patient’s skin. Then, as it migrates along the strap in contact with the patient’s skin, its speed of conduction is slowed down by skin resistance. Meanwhile, the other strap is doing the same thing, but 180 degrees out of phase.

Interferential Similarities

These healing ReBuilder® impulses act similarly to an interferential system, crisscrossing at the center point of the joint between the paired annular electrodes. Because of the forced directional nature of the design, the impulses of the two straps move around in identical but oppositely rotating cones.

The bulk of the energy is focused in a circular two-dimensional plane centered between the electrodes. All the soft tissue is treated; first, the more electrically-conductive nerves, and secondly, the less conductive soft tissue.

Pulsed Electromagnetic
Field (PEMF)

Because the initial portion of the ReBuilder® signal is not in intimate contact with the skin, its interaction with the similar sister electrode creates a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) with all the benefits of that technology. One benefit is its ability to cause the bones to vibrate. This vibration stimulates the bones piezoelectric property to generate its own, internally generated electrical signal that the brain senses, which has classically been used for healing non-fused bones but can also be used to release endorphins. These endorphins can mitigate local joint pain while simultaneously improving the patient’s mood.

Improved Circulation, Reduced Edema & Muscle Atrophy

The ReBuilder® signal will also stimulate visually obvious muscle contractions in both the calf and the thigh, effectively improving circulation through the use of the venous muscle pump system. This muscle pump action will also reduce edema. This accessory is specifically designed to work with ReBuilder® technology, and its patient-specific, automatically variable waveforms created through its biofeedback circuitry.

Basic Instructions

To enhance the effectiveness of treatment, the straps are to be used dampened with our electrolyte solution. The electrolyte is pH balanced to 7.0 to prevent any skin irritation from an overly basic or acidic blend. The proper minerals are included so that the ReBuilder®’s specialized waveform can be transmitted effectively.

The annular electrodes can be used in conjunction with common adjunctive therapies, including laser, LED, decompression tables and more. Since the ReBuilder® itself incorporates both nerve and muscle stimulus into its signal, there is no need, nor is it recommended, to use any other forms of TENS or EMS in addition to ReBuilder® stimulation. Treatment involves 15 minutes of stimulation on the joint, followed by 15 minutes of regular ReBuilder® foot-to-foot treatment to re-educate the nerves, since temporary collateral paths may have been established while the knee was traumatized.

ReBuilder® Joint Strap Demonstration

(4-minute video)

Quick, easy, painless; and most importantly, the patient feels good when finished.

Since their release in September of last year, we are continuing to receive positive reviews daily. Patients are reporting excellent pain relief, reduction of swelling, and improved range of motion, translating directly to improved balance and gait and increased mobility.

NOW AVAILABLE in different size lengths. We are pleased to offer these conductive annular electrodes in several size formats: 18", 24", 32" and 50". The small (18") size is more suitable for wrists, ankles, and elbows. The medium (24") size continues to be the standard for knee pain, while the large (32") size accommodates those with a larger thigh. The extra-large (50") size is designed to be used around the waist and when paired with the 32″ on the upper thigh, can be used to relieve hip pain.

The annular electrodes are also sold in an elbow kit (2×18") or a knee kit (2×24"). They may also be purchased individually if you need to mix sizes. Remember, 2 are required for treatment. They can be found in our secure, online shopping cart for purchase.